D-Marin Farr 40 Sibenik Regatta

From May 18-21, Sibenik and Croatia hosted one of the world’s most prestigious sailing races – Farr 40 regatta. The race was named by the Dogus Group’s company D-Marin – D-Marin Farr 40 Sibenik Regatta.
D-Marin Farr 40 Sibenik Regatta brought together eight best international crews who have sailed in the waters around the island of Zlarin in the Sibenik archipelago.  D-Marin Farr 40 Sibenik Regatta is the first of three regattas within Farr 40 Adriatic Circuit Championship 2016. This part of the competition consists of Sibenik regatta and European Championship in Ancona in July, as well as D-Marin Farr 40 Zadar Regatta in Zadar waters from September 21 to 24 this year.